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Are you ready in as little as 60 seconds to drastically shift your health?

This week’s wellness challenge is super simple and fun.  All you have to do, if you accept, is to MOVE your body for 60 seconds. Seem too simple? Don’t take my word for it, track your results and watch the positive impact that unfolds for YOU!  

Here’s how it works: 

During your workday from 9-5, each hour take a 60-second break and MOVE!  

Did you know that research shows standing alone increases the rate at which your body burns calories, it increases blood flow to the brain and boosts energy. Now imagine what else will become possible for your body when you stand AND move for 60 seconds each hour for the next week during your regular workday. Walk, run, jog, jump, march, dance, do whatever feels good.  

To know that this is working for you, I challenge you to use a wearable device like a garmin, fitbit or oura ring and track your steps.  Notice how 60 seconds every hour over your 8 hour work day dramatically increases your daily steps and movement patterns. Track your energy level, your steps, your quality of sleep, your mood, your weight, any aspect of your health and vitality that you are curious about, take notice and watch how it all improves 60 seconds at a time, day by day in this weeks challenge. 


Just yesterday I added an extra 1131 steps to my day that I would have otherwise not taken and stayed focused and energized all day long.  Now it’s your turn, be sure to post below your wins.

Go Live Life Optimized!

xx- Dr. Melissa

Human Longevity Institute

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