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Blending cutting-edge science and technology with ancient wisdom and teaching for modern longevity solutions.

EXPRESS Your Ageless Vitality!

If you seek immediate support to express your best at any age and stage of life, you will enjoy our clinical-grade longevity products and technology solutions. Please note we have teamed up with leading brands and longevity partners to deliver research-backed products that deliver proven results. Some of the products you select will redirect you to our partner's shopping cart to purchase.


Discover if your DNA is aging more rapidly or slower than expected, key metrics about intrinsic biological age, extrinsic immune age, as well as your current rate of biological aging.


With over 55 complete lab markers, you will receive your PhenoAge score along with a complete functional health report.


Learn more about Advanced specialty testing available to you based on your personalized needs. Dig even deeper into your genomics with your precision advanced testing plan.


Order your TruAge and learn your rate and pace of biological aging.

Access lab panels and biological age testing so you can proactively enhance your longevity health expression. Learn exactly what you can do based on the epigenetic clocks in your body to slow down the pace of aging so you can live your longest, healthiest and most fulfilling life.



We have unique longevity molecules selected because less is more in creating powerful age-optimization changes in your brain and body. When you work with our team, we create customized plans for you or you can pick and choose based on your desired outcomes.


AWAKENDmind Headset, powered by BrainTap.

Amplify your healing, health and longevity living results with leading clinical technology that will help you quickly look, feel and perform at your best.

Download The Precision Longevity Certification Curriculum

Ready To Be a Longevity Leader?

Learn the top biomarkers of aging and how you can measure and optimize to slow down the rate of biological aging to live longer, better.

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