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Precision Longevity Certification Course

Become a Longevity Leader- Get Certified

Elevate Your Career And Become A Longevity Leader With Our Top Rated Education And Turn Key System

Comprehensive Curriculum

Dive deep into the science of longevity. Learn why we age and why we don’t have and how you can apply our proven 6 pillar method combining complex systems biology, precision health, lifestyle medicine, cellular molecules, ancient wisdom teachings and biohacking technology to slow, stop and even reverse biological aging so your clients can live better today for happier, healthier tomorrow.

Practical Application

Learn our turn-key longevity age reversal health optimization system and how you can implement this into your online or brick-and-mortar practice with 12-week to 12-month business models for greater revenue, referrals and results.

Multiple Learning Tools

This course is delivered in an on-demand video classroom format so you can view it 24/7 and is accompanied by slide decks and a full precision longevity course book for reference.

What You’ll Receive

The Human Longevity Insitute delivers the most comprehensive training and certification programs so you can help your clients and patients live better, and longer beginning today.  The Precision Longevity Coach Certification course takes you through the most complete understanding of longevity through a clinical science, assessment, application and lifestyle model giving you real-world, real-time, proven protocols to implement into your practice for enhanced client outcomes right away. 

Online 48-hour course containing 20 lessons & 149 modules of multi-media education that can be completed in as little as 3 hours a week in 16 weeks.

We cater to a mix of learning styles and schedules. You will enjoy 24/7 access to this on-demand virtual classroom experience complete with teaching videos, downloadable slide decks, and a text course guidebook. We give you exactly what you need to implement the information right away.

A clinical understanding and deep knowledge of longevity science, precision health systems, lifestyle medicine and biohacking.

It’s through the science of optimizing lifespan and healthspan through a precise approach that will enhance healing, health and thriving in your clients. By giving you a complete education that combines the hallmarks of aging, systems biology, cellular health, and lifestyle medicine you will learn how to build and design programs and protocols for your clients through precision longevity assessments to include lifestyle, molecules and technology for true age reversal outcomes.

Our turn-key 12-week rewind age reversal program.

Learn how to create your own 12-week online or in-office age reversal program or use ours to ensure immediate revenue and results to your clients.

Lifetime access to Your Online Course

Get certified in as little as 16 weeks and learn the exact 3-step system that unites longevity science molecules and technology with, lifestyle medicine practices and biohacking techniques stacked together to help your clients, heal, thrive and live a long life optimized.

Live Training sessions

Join our live sessions to meet other students, have your clinical questions answered and to gain additional insight and training from Dr. Melissa and the HLI team.

Access to Vetted Vendors and Discounted Rates On Products, Peptides and Labs

Once enrolled, you will immediately have access to our members-only wholesale lab vendors, peptide, supplement and pharmacy resources. We have negotiated low pricing so you can maximize your earnings.

Access to our private practitioner community

Connect, share and collaborate with fellow health practitioners to continue learning how to offer the best support and solutions to your clients.

Elevate Your Practice: Join the Longevity Revolution

Discover the only accredited clinical longevity certification that offers a comprehensive approach to revolutionizing health and wellness. Our cutting-edge program is designed to empower you with the knowledge and tools to lead the charge in the longevity revolution.

Why Now? 

People are living longer, and sicker. By 2030 1 in 5 people globally will be over 65, if a new approach to health isn’t applied, it is said a Silver Tsunami could occur. Yet… through the science of longevity, there is a path forward into healing, health and thriving. One that slows down the pace of aging, reducing the rate and risk of chronic disease.

But this path isn’t found in a pill. It is an integrative approach that blends lifestyle medicine and centenarian wisdom with longevity science and technology for modern living solutions allowing people to live better today for more tomorrow.

What to expect:

The Precision Longevity Program is your pathway to becoming a certified leader in the new era of health and wellness.

Course Highlights:

  • Advanced Longevity Science Understand the biological mechanisms and hallmarks of aging, epigenetics and DNA remodeling. Learn what they are, what to do and how to intervene effectively to slow down and reverse biological age.
  • Longevity Lifestyle Blueprint: Master the proven lifestyle interventions rooted in circadian biology covering nutrition, fitness, sleep, stress, and wellbeing protocols that significantly extend healthspan and vitality.
  • Longevity Clinical Blueprint: Learn to assess biomarkers, do a detailed health histroy and client intake, clinical assessments and key age reversal labs required in creating and delivering personalized longevity plans.
  • Longevity Coaching Blueprint: Enhance your coaching skills in this client-centered communication model that evokes behavior change through positive psychology to facilitate transformative health journeys.
  • Longevity Toolbox Blueprint: help your clients build their longevity stack. Learn advanced biohacking therapies and in-depth supplement and small molecule training to know what can offer added support for amplified results.
  • Business and Marketing Mastery: Gain essential skills to grow your practice, attract your ideal clients, and create high-value programs. You will learn how to have conversations that convert and engage for greater influence, income, and impact. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Revenue Generating Model: Utilize our proven 12-week program structure to start producing significant revenue and client results promptly.
  • Clinical Protocols: Access comprehensive protocols, from intake forms to follow-up strategies, ensuring high standards of care and client satisfaction.
  • Real-World Application: Translate what you learn into direct applications with case studies and live classes that reinforce theoretical knowledge with practical experience.

Enroll in the Precision Longevity Certification Course today to secure your place at the forefront of the longevity industry. Equip yourself with the knowledge, skills, and tools to transform your practice and elevate client health in this vital and growing field.


Dr. Melissa Petersen

Dr. Melissa Petersen is the founder of the Human Longevity Institute and a true pioneer in the field of longevity and human potential.  With over 25 years of clinical experience as a chiropractic physician with a master’s in human performance and board-certified in holistic health, Dr. Melissa leads with vision and impact. She is a TEDx speaker, best-selling author, strategic advisor to top longevity, health and wellness brands, a clinical educator, and host of the Human Longevity Podcast. She does more than teach, she lives her mission with a biological age 13 years younger than her chronological age, and shares the science and proven solutions with experts and enthusiasts alike on how to slow down, stop and even reverse age to live better today for more vibrant tomorrows.

Dr. Gus Vickery MD- Guest Lecturer

Is a guest lecturer and a member of our Medical advisory board. Dr. Vickery is a board-certified physician and founder of Authentic Health in Asheville NC. He shares his 20 years of clinical excellence gained through tens of thousands of patient cases and his deep training in integrative health with the clinicians in our program. He is an adjunct professor at UNC-Chapel Hill Medical School, a sought out advisor to numerous longevity health brands and the founder of the mission-driven Authentic Health Supplement company and non profit project that is delivering cellular health nutrients to people world wide for enhanced health, and flourishing. 

Dr. Stephanie Rimka- Guest Lecturer

Is a guest lecturer and the founder of Brain Body Solutions. Dr. Rimka is board-certified in neurofeedback and offers holistic brain optimization care focusing on integrated neuro therapies to identify and address the root cause of mental illness, learning disorders, and chronic illness. She has dedicated over 30 years to learning the best practices in functional medicine from masters in their fields. Dr. Rimka offers a unique style of intuition and caring blended with a clinically based multi-therapeutic approach to solve hard-to-treat health problems.

Dr. Jim LaValle- Guest Lecturer

The developer of the metabolic code, is an internationally recognized clinical pharmacist, author, board-certified clinical nutritionist, and expert and educator in integrative and precision health. A thought leader in drug/nutrient depletion issues he has published 4 books and 3 databases in this area alone and has been a co-chair for A4M for the past 20 + years educating doctors from around the globe in anti-aging and metabolic health optimization.

Dr. Leonard Pastrana- Guest Lecturer

He specializes in cellular optimization medicine. He is certified by the Academy of Anti-aging in peptide therapy and is also a fellow of the Seeds Scientific Research and Performance Institute. Leonard’s mission is to help everyone optimize their mind, body, and soul. Leonard is the founder of NuBioAge Wellness Network a company designed to help other practitioners develop the protocols for their practices to optimize patient outcomes. He is also the chief formulator at NuLifeSpan a new start-up built by pharmacists with a focus on developing cutting-edge human optimization products.

Become a Certified Longevity Coach

Join the longevity revolution, the fastest-growing sector of the health and wellness industry. Learn the science behind optimizing health, healing, and thriving as a Precision Longevity Practitioner. Break free from traditional limitations and embrace a groundbreaking approach that slows, stops, and reverses biological aging. Our certification course offers validated clinical training, lifestyle protocols, and advanced therapies in a turnkey cash practice system. Now is your time to embrace a fulfilling career, doing what you love as you help others live longer, better lives. Take action and click to learn more about this life-changing opportunity.

Why Enroll?

  • Certification: Rapidly gain a marketable credential that distinguishes you as a specialized expert in longevity. Certification can be completed in just 16 weeks via our flexible, on-demand online platform.
  • Expertise in High Demand: As people are living longer but not better, a new solution is needed. By compressing the morbidity window, healthspan can be extended adding more healthy years to our lives and life to our years. 
  • Industry-Leading Knowledge: Learn our 3 step system that will allow you to integrative longevity lifestyle medicine into your practice and programs so you can help more, earn more and make a lasting positive impact. 
  • Proven Revenue Generation: Implement our established 12-week program that’s designed to produce immediate results—increasing both client satisfaction and your practice’s profitability.

What You Will Gain:

  • Comprehensive Skills: From understanding why we age and how to apply proven longevity lifestyle, molecules and technologies to slow the pace of aging for enhanced health and healing outcomes mastered through this course. 
  • Practical Tools: Access everything you need—program templates, intake forms, and exclusive educational content—to implement and scale your services effectively.
  • Community and Support: Join a network of professionals and gain ongoing support to refine your practice and stay ahead in the field.

Be Tomorrow’s Leader Today

Step into a leadership role in longevity and help shape the future of healthcare. With our Precision Longevity Certification course, you learn not only to lead in your field but also to do what you love. Transform your career and your clients’ lives—enroll today and start making a significant impact immediately.

Who is the Precision Longevity Certification Course For?

Whether you have been in clinical practice for years or are just getting started as a coach, the Precision Longevity Coaching Certification will give you everything you need to make lasting changes in the health and lives of the clients you support. If you are passionate about truly creating health and thriving for your clients then this program is for you.

  • Integrative Physicians, Doctors, and Nurse Practitioners
  • Physical Therapists, Healers, and Health & Wellness Coaches
  • Biohackers, Dietitians, Nutritionists, and Fitness Professionals
  • Health & Wellness Enthusiasts seeking a path to health optimization

Limited Special Enrollment Pricing

This course is available for a limited-time discount.  Plus you will receive access to 1 year access of our inner collective live clinical calls with our guest lecturing team to help you apply what you learn into practice.






12 payments of $677

12 payments of $555


What to Expect

When you register for the course, you’ll receive login instructions to a password-protected portal with an assortment of educational materials and resources—including digital books, slide decks and instructional videos—that are yours to download or access online at any time.

  1. The program is laid out in easy step by step lesson plan that builds one on the other for a comprehensive understanding of the material.
  2. At the end of each lesson is a short quiz you will be required to pass with a 70% or higher to pass the course.
  3. In order to graduate, you’ll have to complete all lessons and pass each quiz and engage in a 6 part practicum with a fellow cohort member. You will experience two sides of the process both as a client and as the practitioner.
  4. When you graduate, you’ll have the opportunity to join our practitioner Directory, gain referrals, work with our clients and be eligible for liability insurance based on licensure.

Course Outline

Lesson 1: The Longevity Revolution

Dive into the fundamentals of longevity science, exploring the transformation from traditional healthcare models focused on sickness to proactive longevity care that enhances life quality. This lesson sets the stage for understanding the economic, biological, and societal implications of extending both lifespan and healthspan.

1.1 Introduction to Longevity: Discover the definitions and distinctions among lifespan, healthspan, and life expectancy.
1.2 The New Longevity Economy: Explore the emerging economic landscape shaped by longevity, including market trends and future opportunities.
1.3 Remodeling Medicine: Learn how the medical industry is shifting from a sickness-focused to a health-centered approach.
1.4 Lifespan vs. Healthspan vs. Life Expectancy: Delve into the differences and why maximizing healthspan is crucial in longevity science.
1.5 Age Reversal Strategies: Identify key lifestyle factors and interventions that have been shown to reverse signs of aging.
1.6 Research Review on Age Reversal: A comprehensive analysis of current research surrounding lifestyle interventions that contribute to age reversal.


Coaching Corner: Delve into creating a client-centered journey that empathizes with and meets individual longevity goals.
Business Builder: Begin crafting your vision for a thriving business in the longevity market, setting the foundation for future success.

Lesson 2: The Mechanisms of Aging

This lesson delves deep into the cellular and molecular underpinnings of aging. Explore the function of cells in aging, uncover the pathways through which aging occurs, and understand the hallmark processes that govern how we age. This comprehensive module provides a critical foundation for translating aging theory into practical age optimization strategies in clinical and coaching practices.

2.1 Cellular Biology and Aging: Examine the role of cell function in the aging process, highlighting how cellular activities impact overall aging.

2.2 Pathways of Aging: Identify and explore key biological pathways that contribute to aging, including genetic, metabolic, and protein-related pathways.
2.3 The Hallmarks of Aging: Introduction to the conceptual framework that categorizes the different aspects of aging:

  • 2.3.1 Primary Hallmarks – Causes of Damage: Focus on the initial causes of cellular damage such as genomic instability, telomere attrition, epigenetic alterations, loss of proteostasis and disabled macroautophagy.
  • 2.3.2 Antagonistic Hallmarks – Responses to Damage: Analyze the responses to damage that initially mitigate damage but eventually become detrimental, including deregulated nutrient-sensing, mitochondrial dysfunction and cellular senescence. .
  • 2.3.3 Integrative Hallmarks – Culprits of the Phenotype: Discuss factors of stem cell exhaustion, altered intercellular communication, chronic inflammation, and dysbiosis. that directly impact the aging phenotype.


  • Coaching Corner: Triage Thinking – Develop a strategic approach to assess and prioritize interventions based on the severity and impact of aging signs in clients.
  • Business Builder: Mapping the Client Journey to Age Optimization – Learn to create effective, personalized client journeys that address specific aging concerns, enhancing client engagement and outcomes.

Lesson 3: Epigenetics of Longevity

Unpack the complexities of epigenetics in the context of aging and longevity. This lesson explores the distinctions and interactions between genetics and epigenetics, the mechanisms through which epigenetic factors influence longevity, and practical tools for measuring biological age. Participants will gain insights into manipulating epigenetic markers to optimize health and reverse the signs of aging.

3.1 Genetics vs. Epigenetics: Understand the foundational differences and roles both genetics and epigenetics play in determining lifespan and healthspan.

3.2 Key Epigenetic Mechanisms: Dive into the primary epigenetic modifications that impact aging:

  • 3.2.1 Methylation: Explore how DNA methylation affects gene expression and the aging process.
  • 3.2.2 Acetylation and Histone Modification: Examine the role of histone acetylation in chromatin structure and gene expression.
3.3 The Genes of Longevity: Identify critical genetic markers associated with long life and their regulation through epigenetic mechanisms.
3.4 Environment, Information, Expression: Discuss how environmental factors influence gene expression through epigenetic information.
3.5 The Unified Information Theory of Aging: Analyze how DNA not only encodes genetic information but also integrates epigenetic signals that can lead to age reversal.
3.6 Epigenetic Aging Clocks: Learn about the development and use of epigenetic clocks to measure biological age and assess the efficacy of longevity interventions.
3.7 Etiology and Associated Diseases of Aging: Connect epigenetic alterations with specific age-related diseases, understanding the causative pathways and implications for treatment.

Special Features:

  • Coaching Corner: Communication for Connection and Change – Enhance skills in effective communication to foster deep connections with clients and facilitate meaningful change.
  • Business Builder: Finding Your Ideal Clients – Strategies to identify and attract clients who can most benefit from epigenetic interventions for longevity.

Lesson 4: Stress and Longevity

Explore the dual nature of stress and its profound effects on longevity and vitality. This lesson delves into the biological mechanisms of stress, distinguishing between distress and eustress, and introduces the concept of hormetic stress as a beneficial force. Participants will learn how to harness stress to enhance personal resilience, optimize body functions, and extend healthspan.

4.1 Distress, Eustress & Hormetic Stress: Define and differentiate between the types of stress: distress (harmful stress), eustress (beneficial stress), and hormetic stress (optimal stress for promoting health).
4.2 The Epigenetic Stress Effect: Examine how stress influences gene expression through epigenetic modifications and the long-term implications of these changes.
4.3 Allostasis, Resilience, and Modulation: Discuss the concept of allostasis (achieving stability through change) and how it underpins physiological resilience and stress modulation.
4.4 Allostatic Overload: Analyze how chronic stress leads to allostatic overload, transitioning from normal adaptive mechanisms to dysfunction and disease.
4.5 Identifying the ANS and HPA Impact: Explore the roles of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) and the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal (HPA) axis in stress response and their effects on overall health.

4.6 Clocks, Cycles, Charge: Understand how biological clocks and cycles are affected by stress, and how managing these rhythms can optimize physiological function or lead to dysfunction.
4.7 Leveraging Stress for Longevity: Learn strategies to harness stress positively to enhance vitality and longevity, including practical techniques for inducing hormetic stress.
Special Features:

  • Business Builder: Attracting Your Ideal Client – Develop targeted strategies to identify and attract clients who can most benefit from stress management interventions.
  • Coaching Corner: The Science of Questioning – Enhance coaching skills with effective questioning techniques that help clients uncover stressors and develop coping strategies.

Lesson 5: Systems Biology of Longevity

This lesson provides an extensive exploration of systems biology as it pertains to longevity. Through a detailed examination of each major bodily system, participants will learn how systemic health supports longevity and discover strategies to optimize these systems for improved life quality and extended lifespan.

5.1 Complex Systems Biology: An introduction to the integrated and interdependent nature of biological systems, setting the foundational understanding necessary for the modules that follow.

5.2 Cellular Health to System Function: Discuss how cellular health is the cornerstone of overall system function, emphasizing the cellular basis of systemic health.
5.3 Review of Biological Systems: Explore the body’s cardiovascular, digestive, respiratory, nervous, endocrine, immune, urinary, musculoskeletal, integumentary, and reproductive systems and their roles in longevity.

5.4 System Stacks For Healing and Health: Explore how different systems can be integrated in a triad approach to support healing and improve health outcomes.


5.5 Longevity Care- A Systems Approach. Discover the clinical path to assess, a personalized path to longevity care for optimized health outcomes emphasizing holistic and integrative practices.
5.6 Complex Systems Case Review with Dr. Vickery Analyze real-world cases with Dr. Vickery to understand complex systems management in clinical practice.


Lesson 6: The Metabolic Complex of Longevity with Dr. LaValle

Join Dr. LaValle in this comprehensive exploration of the metabolic factors influencing aging, performance, and vitality. This lesson investigates the intricate web of metabolic pathways that drive aging, their interrelations with environmental factors, and their cumulative impact on health. Gain insights into optimizing these processes to enhance longevity and mitigate age-related decline.

6.1 Metabolic Drivers of Aging: Introduction to the metabolic processes critical in aging, including the role of metabolism in cellular and systemic health.
6.2 Key Tenets of Aging, Performance, and Vitality: Explore the foundational principles that connect metabolic activity with aging, overall performance, and vitality.
6.3 mTOR/AMPK Pathway and Signal Communication: Delve into the mechanisms of mTOR and AMPK pathways, their balance, and how they regulate aging and cellular growth.
6.4 Oxidative Stress and Environmental Impact: Examine how oxidative stress and external environmental factors contribute to aging and metabolic dysfunction.
6.5 Metaflammation and Mitochondrial Dysfunction: Discuss the concept of ‘metaflammation’—chronic, low-grade inflammation driven by metabolic disturbances—and its effect on mitochondria.
6.6 Clinical Effects of Excessive HPA Axis Activation: Analyze the health consequences of chronic activation of the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal (HPA) axis, including cortisol dysregulation and the influence on adrenal, thyroid and pancreas function.

6.7 Cortisol Dynamics and Stress-Related Disease Pathways: Contrast optimal cortisol release mechanisms with dysregulation scenarios and their implications for health or disease.

6.8 Heart-Brain Connection and Sympathetic Overdrive: Explore the interplay between cardiovascular and neurological health, particularly the effects of sympathetic nervous system overdrive.
6.10 Insulin Resistance and Long-Term Impacts: Discuss the development of insulin resistance and its long-term effects on body systems.
6.11 Metaflammation, Stress and Gut Health: Link metaflammation to gastrointestinal health and explore the relationship between stress, intestinal permeability (leaky gut), lipopolysaccharides (LPS), and their effects on the microbiome and aging.
6.12 Optimizing Metabolic Health for Longevity: Summarize the Metabolic code and the strategies to fine-tune metabolic functions to support and promote longevity.
Special Features:

  • Business Builder: What Clients Want – Learn to identify and fulfill the specific needs and desires of clients seeking longevity through metabolic optimization.
  • Coaching Corner: 4 Steps for Enhanced Self-Awareness – A practical guide to developing self-awareness in clients, crucial for effective metabolic management and lifestyle adjustments.

Lesson 7: Clinical Assessment and Application in Longevity Science

This lesson transitions from theoretical knowledge to practical application within clinical settings, focusing on the processes involved from converting prospects to clients in a longevity practice. By the end of this lesson, students will engage in the first part of their practicum, applying their learned skills in real-world scenarios.

7.1 Clinical Flow From Prospect to Client: Learn the end-to-end process of transforming a prospective interest into a committed client, including the critical touchpoints throughout the journey.
7.2 Clinical Consultation Paperwork and Process: Overview of essential documentation required for new clients, setting the stage for a systematic and professional consultation process.
7.3 The 5 Part Consultation Framework: Introduction to a structured consultation approach that enhances client interaction and service delivery:
7.4 Client Intake Paperwork Part 1: Detailed breakdown of the initial set of documents required for client intake, focusing on gathering comprehensive client information.
7.5 Client Assessments Paperwork Part 2: Continuing from Part 1, additional assessments and paperwork needed to complete client profiles.
7.6 Consents: Explanation of consent forms, their importance, and best practices for ensuring legal compliance and client understanding.
7.7 Client Exam Evaluation Paperwork: Guidelines on conducting thorough client evaluations and the necessary documentation to capture findings accurately.

7.8 Longevity Care Plan and Program Building Framework: Frameworks for constructing personalized care plans that integrate the comprehensive assessment data with longevity science principles.
Special Features:

  • Business Builder: 5 Minute Content Creation Strategy: Quick and efficient strategies for creating impactful content that enhances client engagement and promotes the longevity practice.
  • Slide Deck: A comprehensive slide deck summarizing key points from the lesson, designed to aid in learning retention and as a quick reference tool.
  • Practical Exam 1: The Consultation Challenge: Students will perform a simulated consultation based on the frameworks discussed, demonstrating their ability to apply theoretical knowledge in practical settings.

Lesson 8: The Biomarkers of Longevity

Dive into the world of biomarkers and their critical role in measuring aging and assessing longevity interventions. This lesson covers a variety of biomarkers, from functional to clinical and digital, providing students with the tools to evaluate and monitor the aging process scientifically.

8.1 How to Measure Aging: Introduction to the concept of aging measurement. Understand the various dimensions through which aging can be quantified and tracked over time.
8.2 Functional Biomarkers: Explore biomarkers that assess physiological functions, how they reflect health status, and their predictive power regarding age-related health outcomes.
8.3 Digital Biomarkers: Delve into the emerging field of digital biomarkers and how technology and data analysis are used to monitor health states and aging processes.
8.4 Clinical Biomarkers: Discuss biomarkers commonly used in medical settings to evaluate and manage clinical aspects of aging and disease progression.
8.5 Functional Blood Work: Review the essential blood tests that provide insights into systemic health, including markers for inflammation, metabolism, and organ function.
8.6 Diagnostic Biomarkers: Identify biomarkers used specifically for diagnosing diseases, including genetic tests and imaging, that help in early detection and management of age-related conditions.
8.7 Functional Lab Reference Guides: Provide students with reference materials on how to interpret laboratory results, understand reference ranges, and apply this information in clinical practice.
Special Features:

  • Interactive Lab Session: Engage in a hands-on lab session where students will interpret various sets of biomarker data to make clinical decisions.
  • Technology Integration: Introduction to software and applications that can aid in tracking digital biomarkers and integrating them into patient care plans.

Lesson 9: Wearable Technology

This lesson explores the integration of wearable technology into healthcare and wellness practices. Learn about the capabilities of current devices, how to implement them effectively, and anticipate future trends in technology that could revolutionize how we monitor and manage health.

9.1 The Role of Wearable Technology in Healthcare: Introduction to wearable technologies and their transformative impact on modern healthcare. Explore how these devices enhance patient care, monitoring, and self-management.
9.2 Partner With Technology: Strategies for healthcare professionals to collaborate effectively with technology developers to customize wearables for health optimization.
9.3 Educate, Apply and Personalize with Tech: Methods for educating patients on the use of wearables, applying these technologies to support personalized medicine, and integrating data into lifestyle and wellness plans.
9.4 What Devices Work Best? Analysis of various wearable technologies available on the market, discussing their functionalities, suitability, and best use case scenarios in clinical practice.
9.5 Coaching With Wearables: How wellness coaches can utilize wearables to enhance coaching outcomes, including monitoring progress, setting reminders, and providing motivation.
9.6 Making Sense of the Data: Techniques for interpreting the vast amount of data generated by wearable devices and translating this information into actionable health insights.

9.7 Costs and Coverage: Overview of the economic aspects of implementing wearable technology, including cost considerations for clients and insurance coverage issues.
9.8 The Future with Tech: Speculate on future developments in wearable technology and their potential impact on healthcare and longevity, including emerging trends and innovations.

Lesson 10: Longevity Mind

This lesson explores the multifaceted aspects of mental vitality, from the foundations of mindset and perception to the biological underpinnings of brain function. It delves into how various factors, including diet, environment, and technology, influence cognitive health and performance, especially as we age.

10.1: Vitality, Supporting Cognitive Health

  • Examine the core components necessary to maintain and enhance cognitive health and overall mental vitality.
10.2: Mindset, Perceptions and Beliefs

  • Discuss how mindset, perceptions, and beliefs directly influence mental health and cognitive resilience.
10.3: Brainwave, Neurotransmitters, Structure and Function of the Brain

  • Explore the relationship between brainwaves, neurotransmitters, and the physical structure of the brain in cognitive function.
10.4: Changes in the Brain with Age

  • Analyze how the brain evolves and changes through different life stages and the implications for cognitive function.
10.5: Oxygen, Energy and Circulation to the Brain

  • Investigate the critical roles of oxygen supply, energy production, and blood circulation in supporting brain health.
10.6: Light, Sound, and Temperatures’ Effect on Brain Health

  • Explore how external factors like light, sound, and temperature affect brain health and cognitive function.
10.7: Nootropics, Nutrient Sensing Molecules and Peptides for the Brain

  • Discuss the use of nootropics, nutrient-sensing molecules, and peptides in enhancing cognitive functions and brain health.
10.8: Games, Exercises and Coherence for Memory, Function and Performance

  • Review cognitive and physical exercises that promote brain coherence, improve memory, and enhance mental performance.
10.9: Business Builder: The Use of Technology Platforms to Improve Function and Revenue

  • Consider how technology can be leveraged to enhance cognitive functions and potentially increase business revenue through innovative solutions.

Lesson 11: Longevity Movement and Fitness

This lesson delves into the importance of movement and fitness in extending life expectancy and improving quality of life. It covers the physiological changes associated with aging, the impact of exercise on genetic expression, and strategic fitness programming across different decades of life.

11.1: Movement for Longevity

  • Explore how regular physical movement contributes to longevity and the mechanisms behind its health benefits.
11.2: Mobility Changes with Age

  • Discuss the typical changes in mobility that occur with aging and strategies to mitigate these effects through targeted exercises.
11.3: Respiration Rate, Lung Capacity, and Oxygen Saturation, Improve with Breath

  • Examine how breathing techniques can enhance lung capacity, oxygen saturation, and overall respiratory health.
11.4: Longevity Fitness Types By The Research:

  • NEAT
  • ZONE 2 & 3
  • HIIT
  • Resistance
  • Importance of VO2 
11.5: Exercise, Epigenetics, and Longevity: Strength, Speed, Balance, and Flexibility

  • Analyze the impact of various forms of exercise on epigenetic markers and how they influence longevity, focusing on developing strength, speed, balance, and flexibility.
11.6: Fitness by the Decade: The Best Training at the Time

  • Outline age-appropriate fitness regimens that optimize health and functional ability throughout different life stages.
11.7: Longevity Fitness Lab 8: Video Sessions on

  • How to Assess fitness biomarkers, grip strength, sit-to-stand, step test for HR, intensity and recovery, mobility, balance, strength, and functional movement patterns to build progressive programs that improve longevity outcomes.
11.8: Program Design: Building Progressive and Personalized Longevity Fitness Plans

  • Develop comprehensive fitness programs that integrate various aspects of fitness training tailored to individual needs and goals for long-term health.
11.9: Business Builder: Finding Fitness Partners and Resources for Your Clients

  • Provide strategies for identifying and collaborating with fitness partners and resources that can support clients in achieving their fitness and longevity goals.

Lesson 12: Longevity Nutrition

This lesson investigates the critical role of diet and nutrition in promoting longevity. It explores the impact of various nutrients, dietary strategies, and the physiological processes involved in aging. The course will guide participants through understanding how to optimize their diets for health and longevity based on the latest scientific findings.

12.1: Eating for Longevity

  • Introduce principles of a longevity-supporting diet, focusing on foods known to enhance lifespan and prevent age-related diseases.
12.2: Digestion and Nutrition Basics

  • Cover the fundamentals of human digestion and how it influences nutrient absorption and overall health.
12.3: Epinutrients, Environment, and Methylation

  • Explore the role of epinutrients in genetic expression and the environmental factors that influence methylation processes in the body.
12.4: Macronutrients, mTOR, and Metabolics

  • Discuss the balance of macronutrients, the role of mTOR in metabolism and aging, and how dietary choices impact metabolic health.
12.5: Senolytics, Autophagy, and Immune Optimization

  • Explain the concepts of senolytics and autophagy, their importance in cellular health, and their impact on the immune system.
12.6: Sirtuins, DNA, and Cellular Health

  • Detail the function of sirtuins in DNA repair and maintenance and their significance in cellular health and longevity.
12.7: Fasting, Calorie Restriction, and Circadian Clocks

  • Examine the effects of fasting and calorie restriction on health and longevity, including their impact on the body’s circadian rhythms.
12.8: Bioactives, Sirtfoods, and Eating for Longevity

  • Analyze the role of bioactive compounds and sort foods in promoting longevity and how to incorporate these into a daily diet.
12.9: Client-Centered Nutritional Support

  • Discuss approaches to personalize nutrition plans based on individual client needs, preferences, and specific health goals.

Lesson 13: Longevity Rest, Recovery and Resilience

This lesson series delves into the essential role of resilience in promoting longevity, highlighting the importance of recovery processes such as sleep, rest, and environmental optimization. It examines the balance between stress and recovery, exploring how to manage and optimize resilience through lifestyle and environmental adjustments.

13.1: Resilience for Longevity through Rest

  • Introduce the concept of rest as a foundational element for resilience and longevity, including the physiological benefits of adequate rest.
13.2: Sleep, and Types of Rest for Recovery

  • Explore different types of rest, focusing on sleep as a critical component of recovery and its various stages and types.
13.3: Allostasis vs. Allostatic Overload

  • Define allostasis and allostatic overload, explaining how chronic stress impacts physiological systems and the importance of managing these for resilience.
13.4: Sleep for Resilience

  • Discuss how sleep supports resilience by restoring physical and mental health, and delve into the mechanics of how sleep contributes to recovery.
13.5: Rest, Recovery, and Resilience Optimization Interventions

  • Present practical interventions and strategies to optimize rest, recovery, and resilience, including techniques like meditation, napping, and relaxation exercises.
13.6: Resilience through Environmental Design

  • Analyze how environmental design influences resilience, covering aspects of light, noise, and room layout that promote restful and restorative environments.
13.7: Environmental Optimization for Increased Resilience

  • Extend the discussion to broader environmental factors, including air quality and temperature control, to enhance resilience through optimal living and working conditions.
13.8: Circadian Biology, Clocks, and Recovery

  • Examine circadian rhythms and their influence on recovery processes, discussing how aligning lifestyle with natural biological clocks can boost resilience and overall well-being.

Lesson 14: Wellspan: Wellbeing by Design

This lesson explores the profound impact of well-being on longevity, examining both the scientific underpinnings and real-world applications of habits and environments that promote sustained health and vitality. The course draws lessons from Blue Zones—areas where people live longer than average—and provides strategies for assessing and enhancing wellbeing.

14.1: Understanding Wellbeing and Longevity

  • Explore the concept of wellbeing and its critical role in enhancing lifespan and healthspan, examining how psychological, social, and physical wellbeing contribute to longevity.
14.2: Lessons from the Blue Zones

  • Analyze the lifestyles, diets, and community structures of the world’s Blue Zones where people live the longest, extracting practical lessons that can be applied universally.
14.3: The role of relationships, connection, and purpose in living longer, better.



14.4: Assess and Optimize Wellbeing

  • Introduce tools and techniques for assessing personal well-being and strategies for optimization, focusing on individual health, lifestyle, and environmental factors.

Lesson 15: Biohacking for Longevity

Explore biohacking as a strategic approach to optimizing human biology for enhanced health, performance, and longevity. This lesson covers both natural and technological biohacking methods, providing insights into how these techniques can be applied to increase healthspan and improve overall well-being.

15.1: Understanding Biohacking

  • Define biohacking and explore its goals of manipulating biological processes through science, technology, and self-experimentation.
15.2: The Natural Foundations of Biohacking

  • Examine natural biohacking approaches that leverage light, sound, temperature, and oxygen to enhance health based on evolutionary principles.
15.3: Light Exposure

  • Discuss the critical role of natural sunlight in regulating circadian rhythms, improving sleep, and enhancing metabolic health.
15.4: Sound

  • Explore how sound frequencies and rhythms can influence brain function, mood, and cognitive capabilities.
15.5: Temperature

  • Analyze the health benefits of exposure to various temperatures, focusing on metabolic and immune system enhancements. 
15.6: Oxygen Optimization

  • Describe techniques to improve oxygen intake and utilization for better cellular metabolism and overall physiological function. Learn how to use various forms of breathwork to improve clinical outcomes and slow the pace of aging.
15.7: Technological Enhancements in Biohacking

  • Delve into advanced biohacking technologies that complement and enhance natural methods, including photobiomodulation and thermal regulation.
15.8: Photobiomodulation (PBM)

  • Explain how PBM uses specific light wavelengths to improve cell function, particularly for reducing inflammation and enhancing recovery.

15.9: Advanced Sound Therapy

  • Discuss structured sound wave applications for manipulating brain activity and achieving desired mental states.
15.10: Thermal Regulation Technologies

  • Cover the use of modern tools like saunas and cryotherapy chambers for controlled temperature exposure and its health benefits.
15.11: Enhanced Oxygen Techniques

  • Explore high-altitude and hyperbaric oxygen therapies to increase oxygen density and improve systemic health.
15.12: Coaching Tips for Biohacking

  • Provide practical coaching strategies to help clients safely integrate biohacking techniques into their lifestyle for optimal health benefits.

Lesson 16: Longevity Medicine

This lesson series introduces advanced therapeutic strategies used in longevity medicine, focusing on innovative treatments that enhance biological repair, regeneration, and overall health optimization. Participants will explore a range of therapies from hormone replacement to regenerative techniques, supplemented with expert insights through bonus sessions.

16.1: Understanding Advanced Therapy Solutions

  • Introduce the concept of advanced therapies in longevity medicine, discussing their potential to enhance healthspan and quality of life.
16.2: Hormone Replacement Therapy

  • Explore the role of hormone replacement therapy in managing age-related decline, detailing its benefits, risks, and potential effects on longevity.
16.3: Peptide Therapy

  • Discuss the use of peptide therapy in longevity medicine, focusing on how peptides can regulate biological functions to improve health outcomes.
16.4: IV Therapy

  • Examine intravenous therapies used to deliver nutrients and therapeutic agents directly into the bloodstream for improved bioavailability and therapeutic impact.
16.5: Ozone, Senolytics, Stem Cells

  • Analyze the use of ozone therapy, senolytics for senescent cell clearance, and stem cell therapies as tools for promoting regeneration and recovery.
16.6: Regenerative Therapies

  • Cover a range of regenerative therapies including tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, and other interventions aimed at repairing and rejuvenating the body.
Bonus Sessions:

  • Bonus 1: Peptides for Immune Support with Dr. Kent Holtorf
    • Special session with Dr. Holtorf discussing the specific uses of peptides in boosting the immune system and their relevance in longevity medicine.
  • Bonus 2: Molecules of Longevity with Dr. Pastrana
    • A deep dive with Dr. Pastrana into the molecular mechanisms that underpin aging and longevity, focusing on emerging molecules of interest in the field.

Lesson 17: Longevity Coaching Model

This lesson delves into the skills and strategies essential for clinical coaches specializing in longevity. It emphasizes the importance of effective communication, understanding the psychological stages of change, and implementing coaching techniques that facilitate transformational health behaviors in clients.

17.1: Communication that Connects

  • Explore the fundamentals of impactful communication, emphasizing clarity, empathy, and connection.
17.2: 7-38-55 Communication Principle

  • Discuss the principle that communication is 7% verbal, 38% tone of voice, and 55% body language, and its implications for coaching.
17.3: Rapport Building

  • Examine techniques for building rapport with clients to foster trust and openness.
17.4: Active Listening

  • Highlight the importance of active listening in understanding client needs and fostering effective dialogue.
17.5: Linguistics and Questioning

  • Explore how linguistic patterns and strategic questioning can uncover deeper insights and motivate clients.
17.6: Match and Mirror

  • Discuss the technique of matching and mirroring client behaviors to enhance communication and connection.

17.7: Pace and Lead

  • Explain how to pace and lead conversations to guide clients gently through their change process.
17.8: How to Create Change

  • Cover strategies to initiate and sustain change, emphasizing motivational interviewing and change management theories.
17.9: The Stages of Change

  • Delve into the psychological stages of change and how to support clients through each phase effectively.
17.10: Neurological Impact

  • Investigate how coaching interventions can affect the brain and nervous system, influencing behavior and cognitive functions.
17.11: Positive Psychology Interventions

  • Introduce interventions from positive psychology that enhance well-being and support longevity practices.

17.12: Habit Stacking

  • Describe the process of habit stacking to build new, healthy behaviors by linking them to existing habits.
17.13: Mindset, Beliefs, and Identity Shifting

  • Explore techniques for helping clients shift their mindsets and identities to support lasting change.
17.14: Guiding the Process

  • Discuss the role of the coach in guiding the client through the complexity of lifestyle change for longevity.
17.15: ACT Coaching Framework

  • Introduce the Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) framework as applied in coaching to promote psychological flexibility.
17.16: Engaging Your Clients

  • Techniques to keep clients engaged and motivated throughout the coaching process.
17.17: Previsit Check-In

  • Outline the importance and methods of conducting a previsit check-in to set the stage for effective coaching sessions.
17.18: Visit Coaching Flow

  • Detail the structure and flow of an actual coaching visit, focusing on maximizing impact and efficiency.
17.19: Facilitating Transformational Change

  • Strategies to facilitate deep, transformational changes in clients, ensuring lasting impacts on their health and longevity.
17.20: Chunking Down for Agreement and Action

  • Teach the technique of breaking complex issues into manageable parts to achieve agreement and encourage action.

17.21: Business Builder: Coaching Conversations that Connect and Convert into Clients

  • Offer strategies for turning effective coaching conversations into client relationships and business opportunities.

Lesson 18: Creating Your Longevity Business

This lesson focuses on the foundational steps to build a successful longevity business. It covers different business models, identifying ideal clients, program design, pricing structures, and strategies for rapid implementation and client conversion.

18.1: Building Your Ideal Longevity Business – 3 Success Models Reviewed

  • Explore three successful business models in the longevity industry and how they can be adapted to different business goals.
18.2: Ideal Client Design

  • Learn to define and understand the ideal client profile to effectively target and meet their specific needs.
18.3: Program Design for Optimal Results

  • Develop a structured approach to creating programs that deliver tangible health benefits and align with business objectives.
18.4: Pricing and Structure

  • Discuss how to set up pricing and structural strategies that balance profitability with client accessibility.
18.5: Consumer Trends and Opportunities in the Marketplace

  • Analyze current trends in the longevity market and identify emerging opportunities.
18.6: Fast-Tracking Your Implementation and Success

  • Implement strategies for quickly launching and scaling your longevity business.

18.7: Client Flow from Prospect to Paying Client

  • Outline a client journey map from initial contact through to becoming a paying client, including engagement strategies and conversion tactics.

Lesson 19: Business Framework

This lesson provides a deep dive into the structural and operational aspects of running a longevity business, including program mapping, legal considerations, technology integration, and case studies across various domains.

19.1: Map Your Program

  • Learn how to effectively map out program offerings, focusing on the timing, type, and frequency of client interactions.
19.2: Platforms and Systems for Success

  • Explore essential systems and platforms that support business operations, from client management to program delivery.
19.3: EHR/EMR

  • Discuss the importance and implementation of Electronic Health Records and Electronic Medical Records systems in managing client data.
19.4: Biometric Tracking

  • Examine the role of biometric tracking technologies in monitoring and enhancing client health outcomes.
19.5: Longevity Content Delivery

  • Develop strategies for creating and distributing educational and promotional content that engages and retains clients.
19.6: Legal Considerations

  • Review legal issues including compliance with healthcare regulations and data protection laws.
19.7: Scope of Practice

  • Define and understand the legal and ethical boundaries of practice within the longevity industry.

19.8: Ethics

  • Cover ethical considerations essential to maintaining professionalism and trust in a longevity practice.
19.9: Case Studies

  • Analyze various case studies across lifestyle, clinical, marketing, and product domains to extract lessons and best practices.

What Our Grads are Saying

"Enrolling in the Metabolic Rx course has significantly transformed my practice. The comprehensive understanding of metabolic health it offers has allowed me to integrate science-backed weight loss strategies that are tailor-made for my patients. The modules on hormonal balance and personalized nutrition have been particularly helpful in holistically connecting the dots for real world application with patients. I highly recommend this course to any medical professional seeking to enhance their service offerings and client satisfaction."

Dr. Helen Mirren, MDGeneral Practitioner

"The Metabolic Rx Health & Weight Loss Specialist course has been a game-changer for my coaching business. The detailed curriculum on supplements and peptides, along with the practical tools provided for program implementation, have not only boosted my confidence but also my clients' outcomes. My programs now consistently deliver more predictable and sustained results. This certification is really allowing me to set myself apart and bring more to my clients. They love it and so do I."

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"I took the Metabolic Rx course to deepen my understanding of how different bodily systems are interconnected with metabolism and weight loss. The lessons on food timing and intermittent fasting were enlightening and have greatly enriched the nutritional plans I develop for my clients. The ability to apply these concepts in real-world scenarios has been invaluable. This course is essential for any health professional dedicated to providing holistic and effective weight management solutions."

Carlos RamirezNutrition Coach

"The depth of knowledge this course offers in the hormone and weight loss modules is unparalleled. It has equipped me with the tools to better understand and treat metabolic dysfunctions in a targeted way. The module on GLP-1 and other peptides was particularly enlightening, allowing me to refine my approach to obesity management. I would highly recommend the Metabolic Rx course to any endocrinologist or healthcare provider focused on metabolic health."

Sophia TranNurse Practitioner

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course designed for?

This course is ideal for doctors, coaches, clinicians, health or wellness experts, biohackers, and any individual seeking a deeper understanding of longevity science and lifestyle medicine. Whether you’re looking to enhance client care or explore health optimization strategies for personal knowledge, this course offers valuable insights and practical applications.

What does the course include?

The course provides 24/7 on-demand lifetime access to comprehensive clinical training in precision longevity, plus a turn key program design and how to implement it into your own practice, business and marketing training, access to vetted product and supplement partners, wholesale lab access, a private peer community and access to live classes to cover clinical, coaching, business and marketing Q & A. Upon completing the course, participants will receive a specialist certification.

How is the course structured?

Participants can go at their own pace, making it easy to fit the course into busy schedules. The on-demand content is complemented by live Zoom sessions, offering a blend of self-guided learning and interactive support.

Is there any support available during the course?

Yes, we offer comprehensive support throughout the course. Our team is available by email and there are live Zoom classes focusing on clinical and business guidance, education, and support. Additionally, participants have lifetime access to the course materials, allowing for ongoing reference and learning.

Who Are You Accredited With?

Our program is accredited with AADP and is a partner with MEDFIT aligning CE status with ACE, AFFA and NASM plus we are in current approval as a CE provider with NB-HWC, NTA, ICA and more.

Do I Have To Attend The Live Classes?

At this time, our accreditation boards require our students have 8 live hours over the course of the program. You will qualify for these hours doing your practical exam with a fellow cohort member and you can also attend the live bi-monthly training session for Q & A and application of the information. If you miss a live class, they are recorded and you can watch the playback or join another class. You do not have to attend each class.   To certify you will have had to attend at least 8 live 1 hour classes or masterclass workshops. These can be any combination of our clinical Q & A classes, masterclass or workshops with our guest lecturers or our business lunch and learns. There are multiple ways to get your live hours in over the program.  

Are there other professional benefits that come with your certification?

When you complete your certification, you will be able to access our professional lab network for discounted labs across the US. You will also be able to access practitioner liability insurance through AADP and other network benefits. Our graduates enjoy being featured as a part of our marketing directory promoting you as an industry leader and also helping with professional pairings between coaches and doctors for powerful business collaborations that can increase client referrals and revenue. 

What if I'm not satisfied with the course?

We stand behind the quality of our course with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied for any reason, simply request a refund within 30 days of purchase.

Can this course help me grow my practice or wellness business?

Absolutely. Longevity is the most in demand field of health and wellness.  We teach you how to create you own branded turn key health optimizing, age reversal program around your specialty or you can license our 12 week Reverse course for immediate opportunities to expand your practice or business.

Will I Be Able to Understand the Materials If I am Not a Doctor?

If you are a health expert or enthusiast, you will gain valuable education and interventions from this course. If you are new, not to worry. For many, longevity is a new field and this is why Dr. Melissa progressively builds the course lesson after lesson so everyone is learning this field together from the foundation up built on the evidence-based literature paired with real-world delivery.  She has owned and or worked with just about every type of health practice model over the years, and knows how to share the solutions that will matter and the systems you need to confidently understand, recommend and implement to help the clients you support live longer, healthier lives. 

How do I get started?

Getting started is easy. Simply enroll in the course through our website. Once enrolled, you’ll have immediate access to start your journey toward becoming a Metabolic Health and Weight Loss specialist at your own pace, with all the resources and support you need.  For any questions, please email our team at [email protected]

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