Hello and Welcome to Human Longevity Insitute

We specialize in delivering the leading training and solutions to help people live better, longer.  

Home to the top longevity, health and lifestyle coaches, and practitioners.  We educate and certify our students in the science of biological aging and the evidence-based lifestyle and clinical solutions that can slow down and reverse the process. This proven practice can extend healthspan with lifespan, for greater states of thriving at every age and every stage of life.

Our programs transform how people look, feel, and experience their health and lives. Healthcare is changing, people are living longer and they want to live better. Now they can. Our students learn how.

The field of longevity is sharing new possibilities, and revealing how we can harness our human potential to live longer with less sickness and disease. When you integrate advanced breakthroughs with ancient practices you get modern solutions that deliver transformative results for enhanced thriving that will positively impact generations to come.

We are an online institute and a remote workplace, with a team of 8 members and over 10 adjunct and guest faculty each of whom are MDs, DCs, PharmD, Ph.D.s or hold a Master’s degree and have extensive training and clinical experience in longevity medicine, nutrition, fitness, behavior change, epigenetics, coaching, and lifestyle optimization. 

Here at the Human Longevity Institute, we are committed to delivering the leading longevity education, research and solutions for you and the clients you support.  Together we are redefining what is possible in expanding health and human flourishing across the planet that will impact generations to come.

Our Mission is to extend the healthspan and wellspan of 10 million people by 2030 so more people can live better, longer. To do this, we help our students deliver proven longevity living programs and business models built to scale for impact.

Our Vision is to support a healthier and happier global population and stewardship of our planet for generational thriving. To do this, we are creating the Global Longevity Council that will bring thought leaders from around the world to collaborate within the 12 sectors of thriving so together we can enhance flourishing across the planet for generations to come.

You are invited to join us and be tomorrow’s longevity leader when you enroll today.

Our Solutions 

Human Longevity Coach Level 1 Certification

This self-paced course provides students with a deep understanding of why we age and how to slow down or reverse the process through coaching for behavior change to enhance one’s lifestyle for greater longevity. The student learns the role that mindset, nutrition, fitness, environment, rest, recovery and stress optimization play in speeding up or slowing down the rate of aging. By learning how to engage in a client-centered experience, they gain the ability to turn what they learn into transformative results for their clients and themselves.

Human Longevity Practitioner Level 2 Certification

This continues from level 1 and brings in clinical training and mentorship.  Our students will learn advanced longevity labs, technology, protocols, and participate in case evaluations. They will have the opportunity to work collaboratively with one another to explore what works, why and how to best deliver integrative longevity living programs and solutions that allow them to solve the toughest client cases, and help anyone achieve life-changing results.

Human Longevity Coaching

This scientifically-proven longevity living program helps people to slow down the rate of biological aging while helping them to think, move, eat, rest and recover optimally. With one on one coaching, daily education and insights, a supportive community, and our team of longevity experts, our clients experience transformative results. This program and approach help to reduce the risk and rate of disease while enhancing health and vitality so our clients can look, feel and live better, longer.