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Mastering the Art of Living Beyond Age – Insights from the Human Longevity Podcast


In a recent captivating episode of the Human Longevity Podcast, host Dr. Melissa Petersen engaged in a thought-provoking conversation with Chris Mirabile, the CEO of Nova Slabs. The episode titled “Mastering the Art of Living Beyond Age” delved deep into the realms of aging, longevity, and the profound intersection of science and personal health journeys.

The Inspiring Journey of Chris Mirabile

Chris’s narrative is nothing short of inspirational. His battle with a brain tumor at the tender age of 16 marked the beginning of his lifelong passion for health and wellness. This personal ordeal not only fueled his determination but also instilled in him a profound understanding of the intricate relationship between health decisions and their long-term impacts. Chris’s resilience and transformative journey serve as a beacon of hope and a testament to the power of personal health management.

Nova Slabs: Pioneering in the Science of Aging

The episode sheds light on the groundbreaking work being done by Nova Slabs under Chris’s leadership. The company stands out as the first nutraceutical organization targeting the 12 biological causes of aging. This scientific approach to longevity, discussed in depth during the podcast, is a revelation in understanding how we can influence our biological aging processes.

Integrating Longevity into Everyday Life

A significant portion of the discussion revolves around practical ways to incorporate longevity practices into daily routines. From dietary habits to exercise regimes, mental health, and the importance of supplements, the podcast offers actionable insights. Chris’s personal daily routine, shared during the episode, provides a practical blueprint for listeners to emulate.

The Vital Role of Mental Health and Resilience

One of the most impactful segments of the podcast is Chris’s candid sharing of his battle with depression. This discussion highlights the often-overlooked role of mental health in overall well-being. It underscores the importance of resilience and the ability to find joy and motivation, even in life’s challenging moments.

Navigating the Longevity Industry

The podcast also addresses the challenges within the longevity industry, particularly regarding misinformation and misbranding. Chris emphasizes the need for discernment in distinguishing between general health solutions and those specifically geared toward longevity.

Tune in and enjoy “Mastering the Art of Living Beyond Age” blending personal experiences with scientific research, and a well-rounded perspective on living a longer, healthier life. This episode is not just a podcast; it’s an educational journey, offering valuable lessons and insights for anyone interested in the pursuit of a healthier, more fulfilling life.

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