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Welcome to episode 11 of the Human Longevity Podcast, as we explore the transformative power of breathing with Patrick McEwen, an international breathing expert and author of “The Oxygen Advantage.”

Tune in to hear how McEwen emphasizes the significance of proper breathing techniques in slowing biological aging, enhancing health, and optimizing longevity. He provides insights on the optimal number of breaths per minute, the benefits of nasal over mouth breathing, and the profound impact of breathing on stress, sleep disorders, and cognitive development in children.

McEwen delves into the physiological and biochemical aspects of breathing, discussing how carbon dioxide levels in the blood influence oxygen delivery to tissues and the detrimental effects of mouth breathing on sleep quality and overall health. He highlights the importance of nasal breathing in increasing oxygen saturation, reducing stress, and improving sleep patterns. The conversation also touches on the differences in breathing patterns between men and women, particularly concerning hormonal changes.

Here are a few key highlights he shares to help you optimize your breath and life beginning today:

  1. Importance of Breath: McEwen emphasizes the profound significance of breath, stating it’s often overlooked despite being a fundamental aspect of our existence. He explains, “Breath…is the one theme that permeates our entire physical existence of life,” highlighting its role not only in maintaining life but also in enhancing the quality of life and longevity.
  2. Impact on Aging: McEwen discusses how improper breathing can accelerate biological aging. He explains the relationship between breathing and oxidative stress, a significant contributor to cellular aging. He notes, “one of the big contributors to the acceleration of aging is oxidative stress,” and elucidates the role of oxygen and carbon dioxide in this process. Proper breathing helps maintain a balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide, thereby potentially reducing oxidative stress and its aging effects.
  3. Importance of Nose Breathing: The conversation delves into why nasal breathing is superior to mouth breathing. McEwen explains, “The nose is the only organ in the human body that serves the purpose of filtering and conditioning that air,” which is crucial for optimal gas exchange in the lungs. He also mentions that nasal breathing increases nitric oxide production, which helps open up the airways, sterilize incoming air, and improve oxygen delivery.
  4. Starting Simple: To begin improving your breathing today, McEwen suggests a straightforward exercise for anyone whose nose is stuffy. He advises taking a normal breath in and out through your nose, pinching your nose to hold your breath, and nodding your head up and down until you feel a strong air hunger. This can help decongest the nose and encourage nasal breathing. For a more continuous approach, especially during sleep, he recommends the use of Myo Tape around the mouth to promote nasal breathing and, thus, improve sleep quality and overall health.

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