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In this episode, I explain biological age vs chronological age. What are they, why do they matter, and how can you find out yours. From functional biomarker

s to the latest biological age testing. Find out what numbers matter in living your longest, healthiest life.

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Biological age- what is it, why does it matter and how can you find out yours?

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To understand what it is let’s first know what it isn’t. 

Chronological age is the number of years you have been alive.  Biological age is different and best appreciated when you think of while 2 people can both be the same chronological age,  they can experience health and vitality very differently.  It’s not chronological age that determines how we age. It’s this difference that we used to think was pure luck or having good genes that we now know is neither, it’s the process of biological aging within the body that reveals how fast or slow aging is occurring. It begins the moment we are conceived and occurs every moment of every day throughout our lives (1)

This rate and pace of buildup or breakdown in response to the demands on the system that accumulates over time quantified is as biological aging.  It is the process of aging that is shown to be a better predictor of mortality than chronological age. Depending on a variety of factors will determine how well your body is able to respond either working smarter or harder- slowing down or speeding up the rate of breakdown, dysfunction that over time can lead to disease. 

Here is the great news, according to research,75-90% of the aging process is based on lifestyle & environmental exposure, meaning- the choices you make today can impact your tomorrows and when you know better, you can do better for yourself so you can live better, longer. (2)

But how do you find out your biological age?  This is a key area of longevity research.  While this has been studied for over 50 years, only in the last decade have big strides been made to find the biomarkers that are most predictive of biological age.  To date, one whole body verified test does not exist because every cell in your body has epigenetic clocks, these clocks are impacted in different ways in the different tissues and systems of the body.  There are several tests that get us close and begin to give you a window into the health and resilience of your body. 

Dr Steve Horvath, a UCLA professor pioneered the first “clock” to indicate human aging by examining epigenetic chemical changes to DNA referred to as the Hovarth Clock. Dr. Morgan Levine out of Yale developed one of the next early clocks called the DNAm PhenoAge, it used algorithms trained to find methylation signals associated not only with chronological age, but also with a panel of aging-related phenotypic indicators, found in 9 common blood biomarkers. such as blood glucose and markers of liver and kidney function. It predicts age-related health outcomes better than earlier clocks. (3)

TruAge measures the epigenetic methylation marks utilizing the work of the latest clock research. Providing currently, the most comprehensive approach to individual tissues and systems biological aging paired with a whole body pace of aging to deliver a more complete understanding of how your body is aging and what lifestyle changes you can implement to improve the process. 

Want to try some simple functional tests that correlate with the rate and pace of aging, these would include: gait speed, frailty index, cognitive function, psychological/subjective age assessment, and grip strength to highlight a few.

Yes, how fast you walk and how well you can open, close, twist and grip all give an insight into the biological age of your system.

Regardless of how you check in to determine if you are aging faster or slower, the question is, how do you want to be feeling every day over your life? 

Aging is optional- it no longer has to mean an inevitable decline- aging can become a beautiful process of knowing ourselves and supporting ourselves more fully and deeply at every age so we can enjoy every stage of life with vitality, capacity and joy. 

Its the measurements and more importantly the experience that when combined allow the opportunity to support yourself and health over time. 

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Thanks for tuning in and be sure to join us next time as we continue to explore the science and solcutions of longevity to live better-longer. 

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To test your biological age and save 10% as a guest of our show click this link or use the discount code: HLI when you visit TruDiagnostic the leader in biological age testing. 


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A Special Thanks to Our Show Sponsor: TruDiagnostic the leader in biological age testing. 

Want to test your biological age and save 10% as a guest of our show? Click this link or use the discount code: HLI when you visit TruDiagnostic