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Join our beta launch of WEIGHLESS Rx. This 8-week program pairs 2 clinically validated lifestyle protocols

1 for weight loss and another for age reversal.

Study 1 for weight loss, paired diet, exercise and the patented fat burning, leptin signaling all-natural, non-stimulatory zenith product.

The product study revealed, an average of 20.3 lbs of fat loss in 8wks.

In study 2, no product was used, just a combination of diet, exercise and stress optimization practices over 8 wks.

The longevity study revealed a biological age reversal of up to 3 years.

is a clinically proven 8 week lifestyle program paired with a research-backed fat loss product for life changing results

Trust Your Body

If you have struggled, when it comes to weight loss and getting healthier, it's not your fault. Most weight loss programs pit you against your body with deprivation and extremes. During this 8 week program, you will be nourished mind, body and soul and invited into accessing the power of YOU. You will learn how your psychology impacts your physiology and simple fast shifts to get you out of fear and into your innate wisdom so your brain and body are working together for new results.

No Crazy Diets

Most approaches to fat burning and weight loss will advise crazy, extreme diets. Filled with all of the things you "can't do" and "shouldn't eat". Deprivation is NOT sustainable, it's NOT healthy and you will NOT get that here. You will learn how to apply researched back circadian timing that reveals when you eat is even more important that what you eat. You'll find out the most metabolically nutrient dense foods that your cells and DNA love to enhanced health and longevity benefit. This program is all about enjoying delicious foods that nourish your body, mind, soul and DNA to create a longevity life worth living.

No Extreme Workouts

This 8 week program keeps fitness fun. The principles are easy, no extreme workouts needed, in fact you don't even have to go the gym. You will learn about the types of activity and movement the body loves to be it's most metabolically healthy while producing the greatest longevity benefits to live better longer.

Total Support + Simple Solutions = Big Results

The best part of all of this... you are not alone! You will be supported with weekly live group calls with Dr. Melissa and her team. You will have 24/7 access to a private client portal filled with simple step by step health and longevity solutions. There you can watch weekly lessons, access stress optimization, fitness and nutrition resources to keep you supported every step of the way.


This is our Beta launch. We need your feedback before we go live in January.

We are only sharing this free enrollment with people that already know and trust us, who will be willing to share their feedback, and experience, along with photos and testimonials for before and after results.

While this is a research-backed program, we can not guarantee results.

This is why we want to provide the program, support platform, and live classes for FREE.

The only cost to you is for your product which you will be able to sign up for a membership account to get at a wholesale rate.

2 bottles + 1 membership for wholesale rate is $310. Recommended but not required to participate in the program, you will be advised to purchase a basic lab panel to test biological age and metabolic health at the beginning and end of the program. This is $70 for each test done at your local lab core draw center offered in all states except NY, NJ, RI.

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What's included in my FREE Beta program?

Access to the 8 Week WEIGHLESS Rx Protocol and Online Course

Learn the exact nutrition, fitness, sleep and stress optimization tools that are used in the research backed studies and how to apply them into your own life for transformational results to weighless and live more!

Weekly group sessions

Join in on our expertly led group sessions. Share experiences and journeys with people who may be experiencing what you are right now. Stay connected and have a community always.

Private WEIGHLESS Rx Platform

Track your results, integrate your wearable tech, see and feel your transformation unfold. All while being able to access resources from recipes and stress optimization tools to fitness, sleep, mindset and more.

Discounted Rates On Products and Labs

You will need to purchase 2 bottles of the Zenith product and will get to do so at a reduced member rate. You will also be able to access wholesale cash lab rates, and reduced pricing on any clinical supplement or peptide if or as they are appropriate and needed.

The product breaks the leptin resistance cycle and supports optimal hormonal signaling. Zenith is natural, non-stimulatory, containing polysaccharides and essential fatty acids.

Original Study and Product Supporting Research

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