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Become a Metabolic Health & Weight Loss Specialist

Are you looking for a turn-key weight loss solution that you can offer to your clients and patients? One that will deliver clinically validated results in as little as 8 weeks, while giving you a cash revenue solution that you can offer in practice or online to help more and earn more at scale?

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What you'll learn

The Metabolic Health & Weight Loss Specialist Certificate Course will give you everything you need to implement a proven path to weight loss that will increase revenue, referrals and results in as little as 60 days.

Know EXACTLY how to deliver an effective weight loss strategy for your clients and patients that will allow them to take the weight off and keep it off. This course covers the science of metabolic and cellular health paired with the most popular strategies, and turn key solutions that you can begin offering right away to help your clients look and feel their best for enhanced health and thriving.


Learn the metabolic pathways and signaling molecules that impact weight loss, fat burning, and energy utilization.


Understand the role and impact of cortisol, glucose, insulin, ghrelin, lepin, adiponectin and thyroid on weight loss.


Dive into the types and timing of food. Learn intermittent fasting principles, macro nutrient meal planning and bioactive foods that are the most metabolically supportive for weight release and optimized health.


Learn the role of movement, stress, sleep, and environments on metabolic health and weight loss.. Gain specific strategies and protocols to enhance your clients long-term results.


Learn the top clinically validated WL supplements and peptide protocols that you can offer paired with lifestyle solutions for faster outcomes and enhanced results. Gain access to our clinical platforms for special pricing and program support.


Get our complete intake forms, protocols, program design, visit coaching guide, biomarker and lab assessment and bonus coaching vault videos to help you confidently deliver weight loss and metabolic health programs to your clients.

BONUS: 4 LIVE CLINICAL CLASSES, 1 MARKETING and 1 BUSINESS CLASS With DR.MELISSA ($1,997 value) to help you immediately implement and apply what you learn to fast track your success.

Ready to gain a new specialty and business model that can be easily added into your current health practice for revenue generation, new client referrals and enhanced clinical results?

What Dr. Greene MD Had to Say...

What I learned about the role of Leptin and Adiponectin in this course for lasting WL was a true game changer! I better understand how to help my patients get the weight off and keep it off. Now I have 1 product, 1 peptide, and a step-by-step program complete with patient visit guidelines that gave my team and I immediate confidence to roll this out successfully. Now, it's bringing in on average 10-15 new patients to my practice every month for this one program.

For Certified & Licensed Health Professionals

The Metabolic Health & Weight Loss Specialist is for any credentialed health and wellness provider that is seeking proven weight loss strategies. Whether you want to add a new niche program or enhance the outcomes you are already getting with your clients, metabolic health and weight loss can benefit anyone that wants to look better, feel better and live better longer.

Based On Science NOT Fads

This course is based on the science of cellular and metabolic health backed by peer-reviewed research. There are no fad diets or quick, extreme or unsustainable weight loss practices taught in this course.

We believe in helping you and your clients create lasting and sustainable health optimization. The Human Longevity Institute is dedicated to helping people live their longest, healthiest and most vital life.

Metabolic health is foundational to not only weight and energy production in the body but also the rate and pace of how the body ages.

You will learn real strategies and solutions that are clinically validated.

Our typical products and programs yield up to 18-24 lbs of healthy and safe weight loss results in 12 weeks that last.

It's through the science of optimizing leptin, cortisol and adiponectin with simple lifestyle strategies and supportive molecules inclusive of nutraceuticals, nutrient-dense food and peptide therapy that you will learn how to help your clients take the weight off and keep it off.

A Word From Your Instructor

“Hello to you my fellow health leader. As the founder of the Human Longevity Institute and an integrative practitioner dedicated to optimizing health and human flourishing for the past 25 + years, I am so excited to bring this course to you. Metabolic health is the #1 driver of health and vitality or dis-ease and aging. By helping people to lose weight and enhance their hormonal health with simple lifestyle strategies, together we are helping people live longer, healthier and more abundant lives. I look forward to connecting with you in class.


Access On-Demand Course Content

Enroll and begin learning the content immediately and go at your own pace. With as little as 90 minutes a week, in 8 weeks, you can have an entirely new revenue center to bring into your health and wellness business. When you enroll now, you will save 45% off the normal cost to enroll plus you will receive bonus lectures on peptide therapies and a complete clinical toolbox with forms, consents, and even social media and email marketing campaigns.

$1450 $797 or 3 Payments of $299


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