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Hi friend and welcome! I'm Dr. Melissa Petersen, Founder of the Human Longevity Institute dedicated to supporting you to live your longest, healthiest and most fulfilling life at every age and every stage optimally. I'm honored and excited to share this mini-breath class with you. What you will learn is both taught to our students in our Precision Longevity Certification Training as well as it's included in our OPTIMIZE personal health longevity brain body training program.

Breath is essential to life. It is the foundation to healing and health. This is why, it's a part of all of our curriculums and I hope you find this incredibly helpful.

When I changed my breathing, it literally changed me. I was able to perform better, longer during my workdays. I 10xed my energy- literally- afternoon brain fog became a thing of the past. I recovered faster from workouts and I began sleeping even more deeply.

It was from my own experience that I did a deeper dive into studying the power of the breath and am grateful to share this mini starter course with you. I hope you enjoy it! Now I invite you to get started on your path to optimizing your breath so you can be ageless and live limitless!

Lesson 1: The Importance of Breath

Lesson 2: How to Access Your Breath

Lesson 3: Breath Coherence

Lesson 4: Box Breathing Practice

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