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A double blind placebo study done with this supplement showed that obese women who were almost 40 years old  lost over 20 pounds of pure body fat- (not water weight, not lean mass - pure fat as measured on a DEXA scan) as well as lowered serum leptin by 43%.

This supplement contains a proprietary blend of amino acids and polysaccharides & has even been shown to be safe in breastfeeding women


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  • It is recommended that you take this supplement for 2 months minimum  (that’s why you have to buy 2 bottles) - and you will get a greater discount for buying 4.
  • You will enter your email & go to “enrollment”  to become a member and select your 2 or 4-pack product option.
  • The company is so confident in the results, that they offer a 60-day money-back guarantee when you purchase a 2 pack and use it as recommended for the full 8 weeks per the clinical results.

Please note, most of the weight loss happens in the second month and the longer you are on the product, the more results increase.

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